Cancellation policy in case of travel restrictions for covid 19


Upon the occurrence of one of the following situations listed below, the customer will have the right to choose between free cancellation up to 7 days from arrival, or a change of dates of the reservation itself, or a voucher for the amount paid to be able to be discounted from the next booking, on the booked property or another in our program:


– A lockdown in Tuscany or in the foreign country / region from which the customer comes, which makes  it impossible to arrive to the property.

– If Tuscany is declared a high risk area for Covid-19 by the government of the customer’s country of origin and for this reason they must go to quarantine upon return to their own country

– If the authorities of the customer’s country of origin are advised not to travel to Tuscany or to all Italy.

– If the countries bordering Italy close their borders with our country.

– If in Tuscany or in any case in the area of ​​property the restaurants and other tourist attractions are closed for lockdown and there is still a curfew that provides for returning home by 10:00 pm.


While the occurrence of these situations does not give any right of free cancellation:


– closure of the airport and / or railway station of arrival or departure of customers

– cancellation, delay or postponement of booked flights

– cancellation of events or manifestations that are the reason for the holiday

– Causes not related to the Covid 19 health emergency

– Unofficial restrictions or containment measures not issued by a competent authority.

– red zones or restrictions in the area where the airport and / or railway station of arrival or departure of customers is located

– fears of the customer to travel / or personal reasons